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https://open.iammeter.com is an open source platform aimed to monitor and analyze the entire energy flow and total saving of solar PV site, based on our energy monitoring system-Iammeter .

Key Features

  1. Monitor the Entire Energy Flow of solar PV site. You can monitor
  • enengy generated by solar inverter (Yield)
  • surplus energy exported to grid (To Grid)
  • energy consumed from grid (From Grid)
  • energy consumed from solar PV system (Direct Self-use)



  1. Know Total Savings of solar PV site.

Solar power reduces your bills in two ways,

  • Direct Self-use Energy: When your home is using solar energy instead of the grid.
  • Exported Energy: Exporting surplus solar energy to grid for a "feed-on tariff"

Total Savings= Direct Self-use Energy + Exported Energy



There are two ways to upload the data to our cloud and use our cloud service,

  1. You can upload the data via API interface to Iammeter cloud and create your Iammeter account
  2. or buy our Wi-Fi Energy meter and you can easily create Iammeter account and add this meter to your account.