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Uploading data

This quickstart is only applied when you upload the data via the open API. If you buy our Wi-Fi energy meter, please visit https://www.iammeter.com/doc/iammeter/quickstart.html for quickstart.

Sign up

Please visit webpage https://open.iammeter.com/home/login and click "Create your Account".


Fill in the information and then tick "Sign up by demo SN". Click "Sign Up"


Login and Configuration

Download Mobile App

After signing up successfully, now you can login and do configuration on Mobile App.

scan the QR code and download the mobile app


Set the Time Zone

Time Zone

Tips: Time zone must be set according to where your meter located for correct data display and report on time basis.

Edit the Meter Type

Edit the Meter

Tips: It is "single phase" as default meter type in Iammeter system. You need to change the meter "Type" as "Three Phase" if applied.

Set the Use Type of Each CT

Tips: Please set the use type of each CT according to the actual CT installation. For example, if you clamp the CT of phase A onto grid, then you set its use type as "grid".

View the Data

View the data

Tips: Please visit https://open.iammeter.com to login to the web portal. Same username and password as app. You can see more analysis report on web.

API Description

Data Uploading


Sinlge Phase Meter

	"version": "1.1",
	"SN": "59D3E0C2",
	"Data": [220, 0.1, 20, 0.1, 0.1]

Data:[voltage, current, power,import energy, export energy]


Three Phase Meter

	"version": "1.1",
	"SN": "59D3E0C2",
	"Datas": [
		[12, 20, 30, 44, 50],
		[10, 20, 30, 45, 50],
		[10, 20, 30, 46, 50]

Datas: [ voltageA, currentA, powerA,import energyA, export energyA], [ voltageB, currentB, powerB,import energyB, export energyB], [ voltageC, currentC, powerC,import energyC, export energyC]